What Courses Do We Offer?

Adobe Lightroom CC Masterclass: Complete Photo Editing Guide

Maybe you're an amateur photographer who has done a little bit of photo editing, or maybe you have quite a bit of photo editing experience. Either way, we've made this course to help you make images that matter.

The Art of Black and White Photography

Many of the most powerful, memorable and effective photographs are black and white images. With digital photography, though you can no longer take a great black and white photograph... but you can create one using the black and white photography techniques taught in this course.

How to Be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer

Learn how to turn your passion for nature and adventure photography into a way of life. You will learn what type of camera equipment and other gear is needed, how to master natural light and supplemental flash and strobe lighting, how to master the technical sides of photography.

Useful Photoshop Editing Skills

Save a temp file

Having a temporary or second file of your work (at least whilst your working on it) can be a lifesaver. Files can and will on occasion become corrupted and damaged, or you may simply need to refer back to an older version, so remember to make a copy.

Naming layers

The naming of layers is an easy one to forget but one that can save a huge amount of time when trying to navigate through a large stack. So get used to naming and become more efficient.

Use layer masks

Masks are a fundamental tool when working with a deconstructive workflow, as they allow you to edit specific areas of a layer without effecting its original properties. This offers a very flexible and varied editing process that allows the original copy to be easily reverted back to at any time.

Essential Photography Tips

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    Get a low-cost reflector to increase your options drastically

    Having a reflector will let you better control light on your subject. You can even use foam core board at a craft store that’s black on one side and white on the other for less than five dollars.

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    How to photograph fireworks

    Fireworks are an amazing sight—it’s definitely one that captures well on camera too. Be prepared and set up ahead of time to increase your chances for great results.

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    Portrait photography tips

    If you’re just starting out, chances are you don’t have a studio or fancy lighting equipment. Your best bet is to use window light. Turn off all the lights in the room and move near a window with some curtains so you can play around with diffusing the light.

Heroes Behind the Company

Our photography agency was found by a group of professionals ten years ago. We have the mission to provide the interested candidate best learning and opportunity to make their career in the field of photography. Here in the IOP, you will get the classes by professional photographers and workshops, so that your skills and interest can be polished.


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